Permitting and Public Hearing Representation

Seekamp Environmental Consulting, Inc., has extensive experience representing both the commercial and private sectors with the permitting process from the initial consultation to appearing before the conservation commission.  SEC’s honest, straightforward approach has earned us respect of both the private industry and the various local, state and federal regulatory agencies.

The potential presence of endangered species, vernal pools, historic, archaeological or other special resources that could impact the project design are investigated. Once all the relevant information is gathered concerning the project, SEC puts together a plan for all the steps needed in the permitting process.  As the project evolves, more detailed strategies and timelines can be established.

Some projects, such as federally funded and state funded projects, may be subject to review under the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA). Under these reviews, project-specific potential impacts, such as noise, traffic, air quality, rare or endangered species, wetlands and water resources, hazardous waste storage, water usage, and other environmental concerns are identified and addressed through avoidance or mitigation.



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