Vernal Pools


Annual Vernal Pool Workshops – Exeter, NH

Exeter River Local Advisory Committee Pat vp

Each spring since April of 1998, Seekamp Environmental Consulting, Inc., (SEC) has presented annual vernal pool workshops to families and members of the local community, for the purposes of educating citizens as to the biological significance of these sensitive resource areas. These workshops, which are co-sponsored by the Exeter River Local Advisory Committee, represent a unique outreach opportunity for SEC, and combine both classroom and hands-on field experience. During the workshops, SEC provides an overview of the flora and fauna typically encountered within vernal pools, as well as a discussion of the physical parameters that distinguish these areas from their surrounding landscape. Workshop attendees are then brought to a functioning vernal pool to conduct their own biological assessment, using dip nets and waders. At the pools, amphibian and aquatic insect life cycles are discussed and both children and adults alike are given the opportunity to view vernal pool life up close.

For more information about the vernal pools workshops, please email Patrick Seekamp or
Michael Seekamp.


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